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#33rd Amendment at First Friday Films

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

EMMY Award winner Mark Adler Director and Band Leader Billy Bramblett discuss the revival of their musical short film.


PhilE: Hello. I am Phillip E. Walker-MFA, the Meetup / First Friday Films (FFF) Founder and background talent in tonight’s 33rd Amendment music video Showcase. Tonight we welcome to our Discussions the Music Video’s EMMY Awarded Director Mark Adler and the Billy Love Express Band Leader Billy Bramblett.

BB: Welcome one and all!! Thanks for attending tonight’s event and thanks to Phillip for hosting... xo BB

Ethel: Hello, glad to be here.

BB: Hi Ethel. I think it’s time to watch the video, eh?

PEW: Elated to see you artists here at this August 18th, 2021 FFF replacement Showcase, I’m now going over to to start & view tonight’s Music Video. I’ll be back in this Meetup Discussion tab at 8:20pm PST to manage the interview.

BB: Time to go to the video link, eh, Phillip?

PEW: Yes Billy. 33rd is now playing at First Friday Films for another five minutes!

PEW: Hello July 2021 replacement FFF Participants. In hopes that you enjoyed the MV, we thank you for joining us tonight. At sometime during this Meetup Discussion live chat, we encourage you to log onto, click the blue box on the upper right, then Follow our current First Friday Films Online Magazine.

PEW: There for 2020 Vahan Bedelian’s WineGame, Mitesh Take’s Durga’s Lockdown, Souvik Chakraborty’s Dialog, Rafael de Andrade’s Banalities, Mike Williams & Travis Walker’s Pandemic Prospering Part 1 and Madhu N.R’s Death Offers Life Discussions are initially published. Although for 2021 only the André Campbell and Christie Black Lew’s Up First Discussion is published, Denté Gray’s Loving Byron February Discussion, Lorena Sopi’s Eternally Child March chat, JZ Murdock’s April Eagles & Crows, a fable, May’s Virus-2021 Discussion with Antwain & Danielle Walker and the August Inland Empire Films Promo talk with Brian Vermeire are being prepared for publication in our new First Friday Films Online Magazine on the upcoming new website.

BB: Howdy, Billy Love here, watched the video twice, just as good as ever! Welcome and who's here?

PEW: Glad you enjoyed seeing yourself Billy (ha ha)!

Ethel: Ethel Walker is here.

- 1 -

Mark: Mark Adler is here.