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Phillip e. walker video memoir

2022 BHM: Overview - Media Kit - PEWARS - Awards - Reviews - Tour - Gallery - WFCN Platform - Press Release - OSCAR



"Epic" ~ Film de Arte


"Success" ~ IFAME


"Masterpiece ~ AIFA


"Must Watch" ~ BLIFA


"Brilliant" ~ NEIFA


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86+ Awards from 6 Continents

OSCAR Nomination Qualifying Theatrical Run


Current Press Release


27th ~ My Black Beauty Box, Los Angeles

26th ~ Raw Nation "Till" Movie Night, Hollywood

25th ~ Oceanside Film Festival

24th ~

23rd ~ USC


17th ~ 3rd Baptist Church, San Francisco, CA 94115

13th ~ Labor Commission Hearing, Long Beach

10th ~ Judy Katherine Miller Keys Homegoing, Bakersfield

8th ~ 100 Films Retreat Launch, Rancho Cucamonga

7th ~ INJUSTICE U. N. C. Radio Interview, Los Angeles

4th ~ Dr. Ethel Pits Walker's 80th Birthday, RC

3rd ~ PEWARS Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

1st ~ Rancho Cucamonga City Public Communication

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Film Completed: February 1, 2022

Duration: 14 minutes & 33 seconds

Genre: Historical Video Clips

Country: United States

Director: Phillip E. Walker-MFA

Performer: PhilE



Now available in public distribution, this 15 minute documentary short film has earned 82+ Awards to date including Dubai’s IFAME Golden Camel 2022 BEST EXPERIMENTAL & BEST HISTORICAL FILM plus 2022 Black Lady & 24 FPS’ 2021 BEST PERFORMER of the YEAR honors, 2022 Black History Month (BHM) depicts a more than half century of artist activism by International Motion Picture Critics 2021 LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDEE Phillip E. Walker-MFA. After acknowledging PhilE’s foundations, this petite motion picture displays the igniting of Walker’s activist life beginning as a novice thespian realizing the power of art while delivering the “I Have A Dream” speech to his 1968 Southside of Chicago Morgan Park High School total population on the morning after Dr. King’s assassination. The Video Memoir then continues through Phillip’s major participation in the movements that encouraged currently popular Black History Month & Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday celebrations through his African American Drama Company’s extensive traveling. Depicted next is this Walker family patriarch actively standing up against Hollywood producers’ illegal treatment of their employees. With the purpose of encouraging all 50 United States of America to officially recognize the USA’s new Juneteenth Federal Holiday, let us just call 2022 Black History Month a memoir short film displaying performing arts as a justice making tool!

Performer Bio

Becoming employed as full-time Hollywood talent within days of his 2014 Southern California arrival, PhilE has been cast in more than 1000 talent gigs including as a naked Co-Star in HBO’s multiple EMMY & GOLDEN GLOBE Awarded Westworld and had 534+ Worldwide film festival on screen appearances as the solo performer in Vahan Bedelian’s CHAPLINESQUE, 78 time award winning one-man-silent-movie WineGame.

Having shot at least one commercial, industrial, promo, etc. production every month since June of 2015, Walker is currently airing in heavy rotation as the dancing hero in Rakuten's "The Cashback Shimmy with Steph Curry" and Phil also currently dances online in his 98th music video performance for J. D.Mata's SERENE Spirit, Light & Love. With 57 past short film performances under his belt plus shooting during the 2023 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday week as a Empathy Lens: Law Enforcement Scenario feature film star, during the upcoming live “ANSWERS” workshop, Phillip will show online attendees how to do even better than the 144 talent gigs he secured during his first LA LA Land year.

Director Bio

During 2022 (his best Hollywood year ever) beginning with this 2022 Black History Month... Production, Phillip Eugene Walker-MFA Executive Produced five short films: Juneteenth.Rocks (which he also Directed), MDJ Reunion, Sweetest Vacation and On Being an Indigenous Entrepren-Artist (also Directed by Walker). As well that year, he Associate Produced the 8th episode of J. D. Marta's Rock God web series. In 2023 Phillip is scheduled to Executive Produce and Direct his first ever Music Video - Carmen Milagro's Living Legend plus is currently serving as Associate Producer for Brian Arrieta's Dinner Party. Having won four DIRECTOR Awards during the 2020-21 season alone (including a Hollywood Actor Jobs nod from the city of New York’s Brooklyn International Cinafest) plus being honored as a IADFA 2021 BEST DIRECTOR, Phillip has previously directed more than 100 live, in-person theatre productions. During the Pandemic, through Walker Entertainer Academy, he has so far secured over 700 awards and more for the 25 productions he marketed during that time period.



Director's Statement - I'm a reluctant film director - doing it because I have to!


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