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Spirit, Light & Love @ First Friday Films

On Friday, November 4, 2022 from 8:15 to 11:00pm PST, First Friday Films interviewed the Cast & Crew of J. D. Mata's "Spirit, Light & Love" Official Music Video.

PhilE: Hello. I am Phillip E. Walker-MFA, the Meetup / First Friday Films (FFF) Founder & Host. If you have yet to see J. D. Mata’s “Spirit, Light & Love” (SLL) Official Music Video, please log onto.

PhilE: Elated to see you artists here at this November 4, 2022 "Spirit, Light & Love" (SLL) FFF Discussion, I thank all who have already arrived and who are still coming for attending this interview chat. So, who wants to start off by sharing their experience of creating what my Film Poster Quote review calls a SERENE dance on the Hollywood Hills?

Jeddah Ballet Academy: Hello Phillip. Thank you for having me.

Katherine Phillips: Hi Ethel. Hi Phillip. Nice to hear from you two again!

Dr. Ethel Pitts Walker: Hello, Katherine.

PhilE: Hi Katherine. Hailing for Highland, California, Katherine Phillips served as the Assistant Director for Ryan Stevens Harris’ 2022 Rancho Cucamonga 48 Hour Film Project’s “Sweetest Vacation”. I’m hoping that she wins the Inland Empire 48HFP 2022 regional competition’s Best Special Effects Award at our Film’s Election Day Best Of screening in Redlands, CA.

Katherine: Saw the Video and it gave me some major Aerosmith vibes.

Jeddah Ballet Academy: Yes, very spiritual too.

Jacks Guerro: Hi! Am I in the right place? I don’t have much experience with meetup 😂

Jeddah Ballet Academy: Hello Jacks! I saw your comment. I hope you’re there, since I know you have a lot to share.

Katherine: Hi Jacks. Hi Jeddah. Nice to meet you.