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SUBSCRIBERS gain streaming access viewing of ALL IEF monthly film additions during our total 2021-2022 inaugural year, at a single cost of only $39.94 USD.

ARTISTS' films that are exclusively streaming on IEF share 10% of the monthly GROSS income from all new subscriptions plus gain 25% of all new subscriptions that, during sign up, indicate a will to support that particular film / video.

SPONSORS / ADVERTISERS gain during their first month of supporting IEF, a  top of landing page banner plus, in subsequent months during our inaugural  year, gain their logo with link listed at the bottom of the IEF landing page. The fee is only $100.00 USD total cost for the entire inaugural year!

Walker Entertainer Academy produces under 15 minute in length films/videos that  include a major role for Phillip  E. Walker-MFA to play. We also consider for production, such short films  through PITCHES sent by clicking the image below and competing the FORM therein. Or one can come and deliver a live & in-person PITCHE at our USA Indigenous Peoples' Holiday Eve 7th annual Inland Empire Film Festival in Rancho Cucamonga, Southern California 91730. 





Inland Empire Films Logo 2017
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