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Honor Award 2018 World Film Fair - NYC

Lifetime Achievement 2021 International Motion Picture Critics Awards

Honor Achievement in Film and Television  2018 World Film Fair in New York City  

University of California-Davis Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Acting 

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Producer Website = http://Entertainer.Academy​

Having touted 2022 as his most successful full-time Hollywood talent employment year is understandable, given the Lunar New Year creation of the subsequently 100+ award winning 2022 Black History Month - a Phillip E. Walker Video Memoir. During that same Black History Month, PhilE shot a SAG Internet Commercial Principal Performer dance in Courteney Cox’s directorial debut Gallo Wine Clos du Bois spot, augmented by Instagram video of him teaching her some old school dance moves.

In his 97th Official Music Video shoot, Phil danced for arguably the World’s most famous R&B singer, plus his Rakuten “Cash Back Shimmy with Steph Curry” hero dancer commercial spot aired in season long Golden State Warrior TV broadcasts’ heavy rotation. Further, as the old Black guy who still moves, he currently solicits major Union Dance Agent representation through the use of

Among his four 2022 feature film theatrical releases was Ryan Stevens Harris’ now being distributed in art movie theaters Worldwide Moon Garden.

Being the subject of 2022's “Angaelica Conversation” award winning interview, Phillip Executive Produced & Starred in four new short films that year including the 121 award winning and counting

As well, along with his four lifetime achievement awards, Walker has secured 800+ awards for 30+ short films that he markets through

But 2022 was prelude to 2023 becoming Phillip Eugene Walker’s best year ever, considering: his “Long Live” commercial turning SAG National with a campaign launch during the 95th Academy Award® televised ceremony, a California Statewide 2023 Black History Month Presentations Tour, his “Dead Island 2” video game & Queen Cleopatra Netflix theatrical performance releases and most importantly, Sweetest Vacation being scheduled for live & in-person screenings at Boston’s 25th annual Roxbury International Film Festival, 20th Annual San Diego Black Film Festival, LA’s Micheaux Film Festival, 100 Films Retreat quarterly screenings, an IFR appearance plus a September Beverly Hills Academy Award® Nomination Qualifying Standard Theatrical Run.

Most recently, Phil shot this year’s http://Juneteenth.Rocks USA National Holiday celebration documentary, examining LA’s Juneteenth National Black Wall Street Project, the 2nd annual Rancho Cucamonga Juneteenth Walk and the Chaffey College Juneteenth Community Celebration. Going forward in closing out July, he shoots his 70th short film in Fairbanks, Alaska, while planning the fall 2023 Rancho Cucamonga 48 Hour Film Project shoot and 9th annual

However, Mr. Walker’s greatest 2023 success was May’s screenings start. There, he presents 100 short films or videos every quarter of every year forever. These Rancho Cucamonga, California 91739 USA Victoria Garden’s Cove live & in-person international screenings will include sponsored Phillip E. Walker Acting Retrospective Series presentations.

It is no wonder that he is right now reviewing the upcoming Phillip E. Walker Wikipedia Page!



University of California - Davis


University of Illinois - Urbana


Loyola University of Chicago

Master of Fine Arts in Acting

Master of Arts in Theatre History & Criticism 

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with Education minor

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