Shorts Marketing Campaigns

Following six years of intensive study and practice, during the Pandemic's first year, Phillip E. Walker-MFA truly mastered successful online film festival submitting. With his newest client Brian Vermeire of One Bite Creative stating that it is "Amazing what Phillip has figured out", Walker Entertainer Academy (WEA) is primed to get your film AWARDED and more!

$500.00 Service Fee Per Six Month Marketing Period

After supplying to WEA your film's: Digital File, Poster & Banner, Facebook Page, Photos plus the first half installment of the above Service Fee, your film's marketing campaign is GUARANTEED to result, at the least, in the below:


  • 5 Awards among

  • 7 Nominations

  • 10 Selections on 3 Continents

  • 2 Written Film Reviews

  • Interview / Published Article

  • Mention in a major Phillip E. Walker published Article or Video Interview


  1. Domain Name (1 year)

  2. YouTube under 30 seconds Commercial

  3. Logo kept up to date with Accolades

  4. Website publishing with weekly updates

  5. IMDb page publishing with Weekly updates

  6. Weekly Facebook posts

  7. Weekly WFCN Platform updates

  8. Monthly FilmFreeway Platform updates

  9. Monthly Press Release new issuing

Press kit creation
& distribution

IINCLUDES: Film's Synopsis, Director's Bio & Statement, Project Description, Self Review, Press Releases, Poster with Review Quote(s), Laurel Sheet, Photos, Links to Article(s) & Video(s), Social Media Links & Hashtags, Cast & Crew Mini Bios PLUS Replies to Film Festival & Media Information Requests!




Inland Empire Films

WORLD PREMIERE promotional video


Having reached its WEA year's GUARANTEE during the first day of the Commercial's 6 month marketing campaign, IEFP now has 22 Awards out of 33 Nominations from 25 film festival Selections in 7 Countries on 5 Continents including 6 Major Cities


33rd Amendment

WORLD PREMIERE music video

35 Awards out of 43 Nominations from 32 film festival Selections in 14 Countries on 5 Continents including 15 Major Cities plus IEF Distribution



How I Beat The Ventilator video testimonial


13 festival Selections on 3 Continents plus 6 Awards from 11 Nominations during 1st 3 weeks of its 6 month marketing campaign


Pandemic Prospering Part 1

web series pilot


14 Awards from 20 Nominations among 37 festival Selections in 11 Countries on 5 Continents including 13 Major Cities plus Spondulics Distribution


Brian Vermeire

One Bite Creative

"I was sunned to be honest. I knew you had a method...but to see the fruits of your labor happen just as you said it would, made me a believer in your process. Amazing what you have figured out. Truly!"