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Juneteenth.Rocks 2022 at First Friday Films 6/3/22

On 1st Friday night, June 3, 2022 from 8:10 to 10:00pm PDT, hosted a written Meetup Discussion exploring upcoming Inland Empire 2022 http://Juneteenth.Rocks celebrations. Formally invited were representatives to talk about: the Rancho Cucamonga Juneteenth Walk, Juneteenth a Celebration of Freedom & Black Art, Juneteenth Music Festival, Juneteenth Soul Festival, Juneteenth A Celebration of Freedom and Juneteenth Fathers United. Following are Comments and Event information from the Juneteenth organizations who participated in that late night chat.

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Rancho Cucamonga Juneteenth Walk ~ 6/20/22 10:30am – 1:00pm

Walking 2 1/5 miles for Freedom

FROM the corner of 7th and Anaheim, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

near Solamonte Apartment Homes Complex

TO City Hall 10500 Civic Center Drive, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Voice Mail ~ (213) 900-4875

Phillip E. Walker-MFA Headmaster / Producer

PhilE: Hello. I’m Phillip E. Walker, First Friday Films founder and leader of the 1st annual Rancho Cucamonga Juneteenth WALK.

Let me start the night with a big time WELCOME to Inland Empire 2022 Juneteenth celebration hosts and other attendees.

We are gathered here tonight to learn about your organizations plans for the 2022 Juneteenth Federal Holiday weekend. So, can we begin with your pitch as to why folk should attend your event?

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Juneteenth a Celebration of Freedom & Black Art ~ 6/18/22 2:00-6:00pm

Red Hill Park E (Candlewood Street Entrance) 7484 Vineyard Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

CONTACT PERSON: Maya Gwynn, Founder

TICKETS $15.00-$25.00:

Maya: Hi, I'm Maya Gwynn Founder of the 3 Lines Collective.

PhilE: Hello Maya.

Do you have a pitch as to why folk should attend Juneteenth a Celebration of Freedom & Black Art?

Maya: Absolutely! The purpose of our event is to help educate the community about Juneteenth and also highlight other black-owned businesses in the area. At our event, we will have a black-owned restaurant catering and we will also feature black artists.

PhilE: Black folk doing business in the IE. I love it!

When the Feds passed the Freedom Act, I concluded that it was my responsibility as a community activist to do something to help Juneteenth to become a well-known Holiday. What was the spark that caused you to start planning to offer your Juneteenth Event?

Maya: I grew up in the IE, however, I have lived in LA for the past five years. Moving back to my hometown of Rancho really inspired me to want to create events here that celebrate black pride without always going elsewhere. This event would also help my organization become face to face with my own community. Just like tonight :)

PhilE: Yes, Maya! I personally thank you for servicing the Inland Empire (IE) and especially Rancho Cucamonga. The LA basin seems to get everything. But as the fastest growing region in America, the IE needs the awareness that you display!

Although I’ve done a massive amount of work over the decades promoting Black holiday celebrations, 2022 will be my first-time marketing Juneteenth. How many years has your organization hosted a Juneteenth celebration?

Maya: Thank you very much! Thank you for making me aware of this but I have to sign off. It was awesome joining you all tonight! See you all soon!

PhilE: Thank you for coming Maya. I'll be in touch.

Maya: I can answer this last question!

This is our first Juneteenth celebration and we are very excited! Our business has been around for two and half years and our goal is to uplift the community through creative writing & improv classes. Right now we are teaching classes that focus on grief and we recently just finished classes that were improv for racial healing!

I love being able to teach classes to our community, and I'm really looking forward to this event so we can be introduced to a whole different part of our community that has not been in our classes before.

PhilE: That's good, unique and important community work. We thank you!

Maya: Thank you! Thanks again for inviting me to this discussion! Take Care everyone! :)

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Juneteenth Music Festival ~ 6/19/22 8:00am – 8:00pm

Sylvan Park 601 N. University Street, Redlands, CA 92374


Juneteenth Celebration & Music Festival About Redlands Article


Kai: Hey guys, how are you? I’m Kai King Juneteenth Music Festival

PhilE: Welcome Kai. We're so glad that you made it!

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Juneteenth Soul Festival ~ 6/18/22 12:00-6:00pm

San Manuel Stadium 280 E. Street, San Bernardino, CA 92401

1-909-252-2359 ~

President - Antoinette Pickette ~ Vice President - Jacquetta Green

Green Smilez Loving Care Foundation


Video recap of last year's Juneteenth Soul Festival

Jacquetta: Hello. I made it . . . Jacquetta Green ~ Juneteenth Soul Festival Celebration

Ethel: Hello Jacquetta. So glad you joined the conversation. Tell us about your organization. How have you celebrated Juneteenth in the past?

Jacquetta: Awesome. This is my 2nd Annual Juneteenth Celebration. I had the will to overcast the holiday with a tribute to our Excellence, our pride and giving thanks to our ancestors who have paved the way for us to be dynamic in their legacy.

Appreciate being apart of this platform. I really like the fact that this brings light to the diversity of our people in their skill, talents, and thought processes.

PhilE: I like your video recap from last year, Jacquetta! We originally took a still from it for the landing image at http://Juneteenth.Rocks.


The celebration will be a fun and educational experience for the entire family to enjoy. The day will consist of Fantasy Braids Hair Show, local talent, games and activities for all ages, job opportunities, delicious food, art work, vendors, live music, a tribute to Luis Shropshire a pioneer of the civil rights movement along side Martin Luther King jr.

Our Mission: The Juneteenth Soul Festival Celebration is an EXPERIENCE for all. A time for the community to celebrate our achievements in cultural arts, and all of our contributions to our community.

Our Vision: To bring forth a community gathering to increase awareness of our past struggles and triumphs by coming together as a collective to reflect, educate, uplift, in a celebration of the observed National holiday.

PhilE: My wife Ethel was the one who taught me about Juneteenth back when we were dating. When and how did you first hear about Juneteenth?

Jacquetta: I learned about Juneteenth when I was 20 years old from someone who was way more cultured and educated on the matter. Then I would here about places up north doing grand celebrations bussing large amounts of our people to historic places to celebrate.

PhilE: Yeah, Jacquetta. That's work that we are currently doing to help inform many more people about Juneteenth.

Jacquetta: 20 years later and way more educated about a lot of historical facts. I have now looked into the matter as a teachable moment and a reflection moment for us to understand our greatness as a people.

PhilE: Yeah!

Jacquetta: I'm also the vice chair of the This is were my values lies when it comes to moving forward with a solution for the so called Black anerican.

We also need to restore a lot of the truth about the colonization of the Americas. And the importance of nationality.

PhilE: What is the mood or emotional state that you want attendees to experience at your gathering?

Jacquetta: The vibe is definitely cultural. I wish we could really learn the importance of building our nation and relying on being a lot more self sufficient in real economic avenues thru politics.

I have not yet realized a way to get people interested in political freedom thru referendum, voting, separating, nationalizing.

PhilE: You are doing that right now, Jacquetta. And thereby, showing others how to do the same!

Jacquetta: I have a couple of mentors who also have not been able to reach the people in a way that can bring about real change.

PhilE: Dragging my bad foot along with me, I will deem the Rancho Cucamonga Juneteenth Walk to be successful if I survive the 2.5 mile walk from my home to City Hall. How will you know that your Juneteenth celebration was successful?

Jacquetta: I think the people who participate find the value to see us on a grand scale be great and that most of the time is rewarded effort alone. However, I may now rethink my options of giving out even more information about my political endeavors.

PhilE: With this First Friday Films Meetup Discussion being edited, then published soon, is there a final thought that you would like to share with the readers?

Jacquetta: Our history didn't start in slavery . . . we have a rich history, which is world history. Empower yourself and hold fast to your spiritual talents. The way is upon us now. Thank you for having me.

Gnite thank you

PhilE: We thank you, Jacquetta, for sharing such high-level thoughts! I'll be in touch about coming to do a quick video interview on Monday.

Jacquetta: OK great.

PhilE: First Friday Films also thanks each of the Inland Empire Juneteenth community builders who took part in this Meetup Discussion.

It is past 10:00pm. So that's a wrap!


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