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FFF Inland Empire Films Meetup Discussion 8/6/21

Hello. I am Phillip E. Walker-MFA, the Meetup / First Friday Films (FFF) Founder and the “Inland Empire Films Promo” (IEFP) Producer-Director. Tonight, we welcome to our Discussions the Animator, Conceiver, Editor and Writer Awardee for PhilE’s HOT new Commercial. Please help me Welcome to FFF, Southern California USA based Writer, Producer, Host and Talent for the likes of Fox plus The Disney & Family Channels and more ~ BRIAN VERMEIRE!

PhilE: Are you here with us Brian?

Brian: YES!

PhilE: Further, please wish the FFF creator’s well, as this 6th day of August is the 44th Anniversary of our Hosts’ ~ Dr. Ethel Louise Pitts Walker and Phillip Eugene Walker-MFA marriage!

Elated to see you artists here at this August 6th, 2021 FFF Showcase, I’m now going over to to start & view tonight’s Film. I’ll be back in this Meetup Discussion tab at 8:20pm PST to manage the interview.


Hello August 2021 FFF Participants. In hopes that you enjoyed the Film, we thank you for joining us tonight. At sometime during this Meetup Discussion live chat, we encourage you to log onto, click the blue box on the upper right, then Follow our current First Friday Films Online Magazine.

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Although for 2021 only the André Campbell and Christie Black Lew’s Up First Discussion is published, Denté Gray’s Loving Byron February Discussion, Lorena Sopi’s Eternally Child March chat, the April Virus-2021 Discussion with Antwain & Danielle Walker and May’s 33rd Amendment still to be recorded Discussion are being prepared for publication in our new First Friday Films Online Magazine on the upcoming new website.


PhilE: I theorize that the reason the first draft of the IEFP Commercial was approved for release was due to your wonderful award-winning Concept for that 30-seconds in length Video. I remember after watching the Spot quite a few times, that it seemed to be showing this short film streaming channel breaking through a glass ceiling. Please talk about how you arrived at the IEFP Concepts and some of the techniques used to deliver same.

Brian: I’m here! Oh, sorry for the delay! I’m new at this here on Meetup. I arrived at the concepts thinking about what you wanted to achieve for IEFP...It’s funny you brought up the glass breaking...I wanted to show that IEFP was breaking barriers, was unstoppable, and was a “Breakthrough“ idea.

PhilE: Please share more specific examples.

Brian: There’s so much going on in the Spot that it’s hard to believe that only 30-seconds has gone by after you watch it! I tried to visualize through animated text all of the genres that would be on IEF. I also was able to find clips of your Projects that further visualize the original idea was to have clips for each genre...but limited to 30secs for the Spot made that impossible.

PhilE: I know Brian. You delivered just what IEF needed to get started. One has to watch it again and again to get all of the messages.

Brian: All of the footage that Phillip had looked fantastic, so it was really hard to pick the best scenes/clips.

PhilE: You did not need to put more clips in this it is already very full!

Brian: True. Also, with the Spot I wanted a LOT of movement...I think I achieved that.

PhilE: Yes you did. I Reviewed it as “HOT” at

Brian: If you watch the Spot again, you will see I started “slow”, then it becomes a bullet train...until the end when I “slowed” it down a bit.

PhilE: Yes Brian, like a train departing from, then arriving at the station, it surely moves in between!

Billy: Slightly confusing...

PhilE: Hello Billy! Glad you came. You will see how these FFF Discussions work as time goes on. Make sure you refresh to see the newest comment or question.

Brian: Shout out to Billy if he’s still with us!


PhilE: As part of my forever push to increase audiences for alternative arts, your 3 Things email advertisement program delivered the most successful single marketing campaign that was ever applied to my latest book Entry Level Acting In LA 2016. Is that email sales program still available and if so, how do you propose that it could be used to get more eyes on our IEFP Spot?

Brian: Caliente!

Brian: Yes, so I own a company called Holdon Log that caters to people in Entertainment. We have an email list of thousands of actors, writers, directors, agents, managers, etc. But far and away, the biggest portion of the list is comprised of Actors. We haven’t done 3 Things in quite some time as we have migrated over to doing solo-send campaigns. This makes messaging more on point for those who advertise with us. I think in this day and age, as most actors are also content creators, they would benefit from knowing about IEFP. Especially if they have a way of getting their content up on your Platform.

PhilE: Yes Brian. During the first year of the IEF streaming film channel, all films will be my own. Concurrently during our first year, we will be searching for non PhilE films to distribute during that 2nd year and beyond. So, let’s talk off-line about a “solo” mailing campaign using IEFP.

Brian: Okay!


PhilE: I originally attempted to contract with a different, new to me artist to create IEFP. I’m so glad that she negotiated in bad faith because I personally think that the strongest aspect of your IEFP is its Animation & Editing award winning work. Please tell our readers about the “self taught” process that has lead to you having developed such powerful skills in these crafts.

Brian: I found the Spot to be a nice challenge with regards to the time element being only 30 secs...but with a bevy of information that needed to come across in the Spot. I always like a good challenge!

PhilE: Brian ~ Please talk about how you developed such fine skills!

Brian: I “self-taught”, meaning many years ago I needed editing done, or I needed a website, or I needed graphics/motion graphics. With each one I aggressively spent the time and resources to learn. Then I took what I learned and looked for ways to funnel my creativity to see how far I could push the envelope and “be different” from what I saw out in the real world. It’s not easy... but the end result is rewarding. We established to fulfill all the creative needs of others.

PhilE: Well, I am one of your clients that is glad you did all of that “self teaching”. Also, I’ll bet there are others out there that need One Bite Creative as much as I do!

Brian: :) Anytime!

Ethel: What does IEFP mean?

Brian: Hi Ethel. It stands for “Inland Empire Films”. I shouldn’t have put the “P” in, which simply stands for “Promo” (the Video I edited).


PhilE: Being a performer yourself, you have developed multiple talent marketing and organization tools. Do tell us about your Holdon Log and Performer Tracker services.

Brian: Kristina (my better-half) and I also are performers. Back in Christmas of 2000 (yes, almost 21 years ago!) I created a logbook for Kristina to log and track her auditions & callbacks. WOW! She loved it! I needed one too so I made one for myself. Those who were auditioning for the same rolls as us were noticing us writing in our logbooks in the waiting room. Some of these actors with whom we were friends asked us to make for them a logbook. There was a need for this tool! We then went to Samuel French Bookstore in LA and showed them our logbook. They immediately started selling them and then we started selling them on our website. 21 years later Holdon Log logbooks for performers still sells well!!! See them for yourself at I meant “roles” not “rolls” in the above statement...but if a “roll” is buttered I’d eat it (as long as it’s a “meaty role”).

PhilE: Ha, Ha Brian...I get it!

Brian: is a natural extension of the Holdon Log logbooks. It’s an online application where performers can log, track and manage every single aspect of their career; Auditions, Callbacks, Bookings, Income, Expenses, Appointments and more! All of this information get’s broken down into statistics that are useful for the performer to know like Callback Success rate, Booking Success Rate, which agents/managers (by name) are really working for you, stats on the click and submit services that you use (like Actros Access, Casting Networks, etc.). It is a very “up-level” tool for performers.

PhilE: I need to get that tool as I’m overwhelmed with auditions and other activities!

Brian: :) That’s what we are here for!

Ethel: How important will “streaming” of films become in the future?

Brian: Great question! I think I can answer it with another question. "How important will movie theaters become in the future?” Day by day the importance of movie theaters and cable TV becomes eroded. Especially since the Covid Crisis, more and more people have become streaming households - not going to movie theaters plus cutting their overly expensive cable bills.

PhilE: I think you are on to something here Brian!

Brian: Back in December of 2020 we upgraded our family TV and connected it to our internet. Within a day I cut the cable and haven’t missed it!

PhilE: Ethel & I have talked about doing the same thing!

Ethel: Does that mean these two mediums will become obsolete soon?

Brian: Another great question, Ethel! I see theaters still existing (although not as many) for the experience. Mainly reserved for big event films (aka - “Blockbusters”) or, you’ll see more theaters that are also serving food and drink like a restaurant and have a very elegant feel about them (again, an experience tied to watching a film). I think with a big screen 4K TV, awesome speakers, and an Internet connection - it makes theaters unnecessary. Plus, the studios can reach more people directly in the home and charge what they want without sharing proceeds with the theater. It’s all about $$$ and where the studios can make more is where the Industry will go.

Brian: I think Cable TV will go away. It is completely a dinosaur that makes no sense in a streaming world. You can stream TV - even local channels - so why is Cable TV necessary. It is amazing to watch BIG Industries die and new ones take their place. Can’t wait to see what makes streaming obsolete...ahhh, yes...the future!

PhilE: I wonder if this means that movie theaters will show more indie or alternative films which will cost the theater nothing to rent?!?

Brian: I think that’s what theaters will have to do in order to survive.


PhilE: Last month I informed you that I have recently enjoyed much success with Walker Entertainer Academy (WEA) Entertainment and Media Public Relations Agency film festival short film marketing campaigns by seeding through launches during the New Moon, but I had not yet analyzed the harvesting part. I further shared my plan to execute the IEFP 6 months of acknowledgements securing goal during a single week’s labor. I thereafter launched IEFP’s marketing campaign on the last Full Moon, only to become shocked that my newly learned mastery of successful film festival submissions was actually nearly ALL harvesting. That is to say that IEFP surpassed its 6 month goal in that single Lunar day, then took less than a week of my labor to surpass a year of WEA acknowledgement goals. Tell us about your reaction when you first viewed your four Light and Shadow Film Awards Certificates.

Brian: I was stunned to be honest! I knew you had a method...but to see the fruits of your labor happen just as you said it would, made me a believer in your process. Amazing what you have figured out. Truly!


PhilE: For more than 44 years Ethel and I have worked to grow our careers and raised our only child, while partnering together to develop multiple arts organizations like the Inland Empire Films streaming film channel financing by our 43 year old African American Drama Company. Please talk about how you are managing to do the same as a father, husband and business partner with your wife Kristina Hughes.

Brian: Congrats to you and Ethel! I know the hard work and dedication it takes to do all that you both have accomplished. It definitely changes when kids appear! So, let’s just say it takes a lot of juggling. Kristina is a master at it with our son (getting him to his activities and still getting work done). I learn from her...she’s naturally amazing at it!!

PhilE: Most good women are. You’re lucky to have found one!

Brian: Yes - lucky!!!


Brian: Thanks Phillip for allowing me to be a part of this special group and to be a part of this discussion! This has been fantastic!

PhilE: My pleasure!


PhilE: FFF strives to develop a cohort of Worldwide indie film makers who can just share, share, share! Therefore, we hope all past FFF Showcased film makers will return to FFF every month and support the new alum. As incentive, all FFF’s are nominated for Short of the Year with the winner gaining free travel to the following year’s Indigenous Film Retreats in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 USA.

PhilE: Each year the FFF Short of the Year winner will be the film maker alum that attends the most FFFs during their year. For example, the Billy Love Express’ 33rd Amendment gained a vote with Billy Bramblett’s quick visit to tonight’s Discussion. Hailing from Brazil, Rafael de Andrade’s Banalities won the inaugural FFF Transportation Prize. But the fact that he is shooting during our 2021 Retreats means that we will fly Rafael in for October of 2022. Therefore Brian, armed now with your newest Award nomination, we hope to see you again at FFF.

Brian: Absolutely! Thanks Phillip!


PhilE: Running a little overtime, we thank you Brian for allowing your art and your ideas to be explored by Meetup / First Friday Films on this August 6, 2021 Wedding celebration. Are there any last words or thoughts that you would like to share as closure to this Discussions/Interview live, written chat?

Brian: I’d just tell everyone to continue following Phillip as he’s the real deal. Befriend those who work hard and gain successes...the “magic” can’t but help rub off on to you. Often you hear “lose your flaky friends”...but rarely do you hear “keep close your fruitful friends”...success is contagious!

PhilE: Oh, I like that Brian, “success is contagious!”

Brian: Because it really is! Bye everyone!

To be the subject of a future FFF Showcase, Register your under 16 minute film/video at ALL TOTALLY COMPLETED FORMS WILL BE SCHEDULED FOR SHOWCASING.

That’s a wrap!



Dr. Ethel Pitts Walker is a celebrated Television, Radio, Film & Theatre, San Jose State University, California - USA Professor Emeritus

Billy Bramblett leads the Billy Love Express band, whose 33rd Amendment music video was the subject of the July 2, 2021 First Friday Films Showcase

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