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Distributed: March 2, 2022

Duration: 9 minutes

Genre: Drama

Country: United States

Director: David Schell

Lead Actors: Lawndon "Nc.Abram" Grant & PhilE



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Having to date earned 38+ Awards Darkroom was dubbed a dysfunctional family thriller at its 70th Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner Worldwide release. Since its Vietnam Saigon Underground Festival live & in-person World Premiere presentation took place on the day after that South of France release, David Schell's California State University-Long Beach sophomore student assignment has successfully traveled the World's indie film festival circuit through some 35+ selections in more than 19 countries on 6 continents plus 15 United States. Inland Empire Films StreamingFilmChannel is proud to now make this Lawndon Nc.Abram Grant and Phillip E. Walker performance available to everyone in the World.

Darkroom's plot reveals an overbearing father discovering that his teenage son has transformed the basement of their New York City townhouse into an amateur darkroom. There the boy develops gruesome and voyeuristic images from his late-night crime scene photography.

Director Bio 

David Schell is a dedicated, aspiring filmmaker. Back when he created Darkroom he was studying full-time as a Narrative Production Program junior student in the Film and Electronic Arts Department at California State University - Long Beach.

On his website David says, "With an educational background that encouraged exploration and creativity in many mediums, my sense of curiosity is ever expanding. I naturally drifted towards video- the one medium to encompass the principles of photography, writing, and design.

While I feature my bigger projects on this site, you can find more of my work at

I’m currently based in Long Beach, California."


Lead Bio 

Lawndon Grant, also known as "Nc.Abram" is an Actor/Writer/Producer based in Los Angeles, CA dedicated to telling captivating stories through twisted narratives and fun productions. Shape-Shifting momentum and cultivating change as a highly influential figure in Los Angeles, his clever technique includes original music scores he produces himself and his on-screen work speaks of colorful rhythms, street consciousness & social struggle. Raised in South Central Los Angeles, an area noted for its gang violence, poverty & police activity, Lawndon embraced his skills and influences inside music, theatre & film and received wide recognition as a creative force. Lawndon "Nc.Abram" Grant recently crystallized his reputation alongside Celebrity Hosts, Drew Carrey winning the entire Showcase Showdown on CBS's hit TV show The Price is Right and founded his very own Youth Empowerment Organization, Rhythm & Remedy - Where Hip Hop Helps with the Prize Winnings.

PhilE plays the father Ron.

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