Inland Empire Films

WORLD PREMIERE promotional video


Having reached its WEA year's GUARANTEE during the first day of the Commercial's 6 month marketing campaign, it now has 23 Awards out of 32 Nominations from 22 film festival Selections in 9 Countries on 5 Continents including 6 Major Cities


33rd Amendment

WORLD PREMIERE music video


33 Awards out of 42 Nominations from 33 film festival Selections in 14 Countries on 5 Continents including 15 Major Cities plus IEF Distribution



How I Beat The Ventilator video testimonial


13 festival Selections on 3 Continents plus 6 Awards from 11 Nominations during 1st 3 weeks of its 6 month marketing campaign


Pandemic Prospering Part 1

web series pilot


13 Awards from 19 Nominations among 36 festival Selections in 11 Countries on 5 Continents including 13 Major Cities plus Spondulics Distribution


Brian Vermeire

One Bite Creative

"I was sunned to be honest. I knew you had a method...but to see the fruits of your labor happen just as you said it would, made me a believer in your process. Amazing what you have figured out. Truly!"