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IEF Promo Workstation

Inland Empire Films Promo

This Platform's Promotional Video

Having reached its WEA year's GUARANTEE of Awards during the first day of this Commercial's 6-month marketing campaign, it now has 24 Awards out of 37 Nominations from 29 film festival Selections in 7 Countries on 5 Continents including 7 Major Cities


#33rd Amendment

Musical Short Film


34 Awards out of 43 Nominations from 34 film festival Selections in 14 Countries on 5 Continents including 15 Major Cities plus IEF Distribution


Dancing With Maleeah

University of Southern California Freshman Student Film

Although the Work is still in Development, WEA is proud to have this mini short as its newest client, for whom we secured the above Best Screenplay Award within days of Phillip E. Walker being cast in a supporting role. With strengthening its IMDb Rating by   Already having gained Awards from 3 Continents during its first week of marketing, watch for an amazing amount of success herein, while the Production is still being completed.


Pandemic Prospering Part 1

Web Series Pilot


13 Awards from 19 Nominations among 36 festival Selections in 11 Countries on 5 Continents including 13 Major Cities plus Spondulics Distribution


Brian Vermeire

One Bite Creative

"I was sunned to be honest. I knew you had a method...but to see the fruits of your labor happen just as you said it would, made me a believer in your process. Amazing what you have figured out. Truly!"
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